kim k
Dear Kim Kardashian,
I noticed you’ve been in the public eye for some time now
And I’ve come to believe that it should be a crime how
Much attention is given to your butt and your face.
Breaking news has become the size of your waist.
You broke the internet by breaking your morals,
And now you get even more attention than Beyonce and Jay-Z’s quarrels!
But while you are so busy doing so much of nothing,
I would like to take this time to ask you something.
While you were sucking up all the oxygen in your surrounding
Were you aware that half of Bangladesh is drowning?
And that green paper you throw around like confetti,
Did you know it got to you by making the climate more unsteady?
It took destroying 40 football fields of trees per minute
In order for you to have a gold card with no limit.
I know society is telling you you’re the new hottest topic
But the animals in the Amazon might disagree since it stopped raining in the tropic.
I don’t mean to pick on you but you seem to take the face of this new generation
Who’s more focused on their reflection than environmental reformation.
Kim K, you taught us its about “gettin’ that money” in which we revel.
It’s about your bank account statement rising, not the sea level.
Up to one hundred thousand animals will go extinct in just this year,
But that’s okay! Because that fur coat around your neck looks great in a mirror.
Polar bears’ homes have been replaced by starvation and drowning,
But wait…should you post the selfie when you’re smiling or when you’re frowning?
But I really shouldn’t bag on you for thinking you’re the only person in existence,
Because pretty soon greenhouse gasses are going to bring that some assistance.
Los Angeles is already sinking an inch every year.
And if the water doesn’t get to it, the CO2 will surely destroy the atmosphere.
Congratulations Kim K! It’s truly almost all about you!
When tsunamis start hitting California there will be so few
Houses and vehicles standing in your way,
Especially after the hurricanes and tornadoes blow the debris away.
So you go ahead, keep focusing on looking your best,
While mankind disappears around you – South, East, to North West.

Photo by: Keri Eng

2 thoughts on “Dear Kim K

  1. To Tommie Brown
    Your words are profound. I wish I were as clever with my words as you but sadly most of the time my toung is tied and bound. But I would like to add a little something to this.
    To Kim K,
    When you shop I hope you shop smart. When you put your makeup, clothes, shoes and, food in your cart, do you ever ask where do these products get their start? I am no expert but on this topic I can expand your clothes, shoes and, makeup a Philippines sweat shop and your food from Mexicos land. To end I ask you to take some time and think about NAFTA and globalization because in the end we are all one nation so why are some segregated and forced to pay for your colonization?

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