Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.40.04 PMI would rather go through life as being too much of something,
than always being too little. We are taught that shrugging our shoulders serves as a viable answer to any of life’s questions. We are taught that it is better to say nothing than risking saying too much. They say if there isn’t an answer written in stone, if there isn’t a foreseeable conclusion, if there isn’t a quick fix, a sure cure, immediate gratification, than keep your opinions to yourself. You aren’t helping.

So to those of you who find complacency suitable, let me remind you.
You are a creature who was designed in the cosmos to have a body that inhales oxygen, and exhales usable energy fuel. The blood that is pumping in your veins is transforming and changing and pushing oxygen into carbon dioxide because the ecosystem does not work without your constant breathing. We marvel at plants’ ability to turn light into sugar, but forget how sweet the sounds of our own voices are. You are vital. Without the opening of your mouth, releasing what your lungs have worked so hard for there would be no balance.
Do not be fooled, even science shows us that shutting our lips does the world no good.
The carbon in your body piles up like the thoughts in your head.
They are only healthy if you release them.
They are only helpful if you pave the way for them to escape.
If they do not find a voice, if you give them no exit, they become poison.
Stripping you of yourself, from the inside out.

Despite what they said, you are not just stacks of cells and protons and neutrons that formed together by chance. And your thoughts and words and opinions are not abstract ideas that never held weight to begin with. You are more.
You are lighting bolts of energy. Your being is made up of matter that cannot be created nor destroyed, you are infinite.
This is not Murphy’s Law, this is Newton’s. And the only thing standing in your way is yourself. Do not be the external force that stops you. Stay in motion.
When they try to tell you your opinions wont change a thing, let them.
We get 30,000 breaths per day, if that’s how they want to use them, so be it.
But you and I have always known better.
Every portion of your body has a function that is never questioned, or asked to maybe not work so hard. We never hope our heart beats a little less today, we never cringe at the thought of our hands being used to full mobility, we never ask our eyes to please blur a little. So why do we think our vocal chords should be treated any different?

When the sun stains our skin red and burns out our vision, it does not dim.
The sun may have a job but we spend years trying to perfect ways to not be annoyed by its discomforts, and still, even then, the sun does not hide its purpose.

So offend. Go ahead. Stir up the mundane, shatter the status quo. See the boundaries they build as starting lines. Go. Run to something better. Use that stored energy in your chemistry to fight for what is right. They wont like it. They will tell you you’re too much to handle, that all of this doesn’t matter in the grand scheme anyways. Pay them no mind. Because one day they will learn that all the big picture is, is a compilation of inhales and exhales. But you, darling you, are not the one who has to teach them that lesson. Do not waste your time on those that think you’re wasting your time. Nothing about you is forced. You were born amongst the trees and the bees and the flowers that the world applauds for being effortlessly miraculous.
So remember, a weeping willow does not cry for attention, so neither should you.
Just be.
And when they tell you to talk softer, to lower your voice, to keep your opinions to yourself, ask them this…

Everything in this galaxy without hesitation does its best to stabilize your existence.
So who put it in your mind that you don’t have to?

2 thoughts on “The Science of Being “Too Much”

  1. As always you have touch my mind with knowledge and wisdom beyond words. You are truly a gifted writer, please don’t stop. Go get them Christopher!!!

  2. “We marvel at plants’ ability to turn light into sugar, but forget how sweet the sounds of our own voices are.”

    Beautiful line, Tommie. I really enjoyed this piece.

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