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Happy Cinco de Drinko.

Because a culture has been diminished to nothing more than fake mustaches and tequila shots.

On May 5th a small Mexican army lead by Benito Juarez won a battle against the French army double their size, which allowed Mexico to keep their capital.

I bet most of you did not know that. And I bet this did not stop most of you from throwing on a sombrero and making tacos for one evening.
One evening out of 365 days of the year that you call Mexican people immigrants and make jokes about us mowing your lawns and cramming 15 people into a two bedroom house. One evening out of 365 days of the year that you tell us to go back to our country and ask us if we have a green card. One evening that you feel entitled to call the culture you spit on, your own.
You think you celebrate today for Mexico’s independence.
When really, all we see, is you playing mariachi music as a soundtrack  to our enslavement.

Here is something you most likely don’t know about the Mexican culture you just so eagerly misappropriated.

From the beginning of the Hispanic culture’s existence we were taught that if we kept our head down low and our dreams set high, and worked as hard as we could muster, we could make something of ourselves. We clean your houses, we cut your grass, we fold back your sheets of your bed, we take care of your kids, and we cook your meals. Why? Because we believe that nothing in this life comes free. We cross boarders, we risk our families and our lives, because we believe in the American dream. Not the one Wall Street has created. But the dream our forefathers intended.
The dream of making a living. Of owning a piece of land. Of working hard and seeing the reward. We apologize for not believing in the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ideology of this country. If our faith in your country that you so clearly try to keep us separated from bothers you, I assure you we never meant to cause offence.

And on the same note, if you have an issue with us having multiple people in our homes sharing one room, let me explain this to you.
We don’t like to watch the people we care about struggle. So if that means we sacrifice some of our own comforts in order to make those around us have a roof over their heads, so be it. We understand if you do not understand that concept. But I ask you to respect our choices in protecting what we love.

We live differently than you. This is for certain. Our noses aren’t too high to not work at Walmart to support our families. Unlike your cultures, nothing is beneath us. If that means you call us dirty, or Beaners, or Spicks, so be it. We understand that our work ethic, our cooking, the way we dance, the curves in our women, and the thickness of our hair intimidates you. After all, that is the reason we became foreigners to this country, remember? When the white American Veterans came back from WWI and the men couldn’t work as well as the Mexican men could, so they couldn’t hold jobs. America’s government forced us into California and then back to Mexico because the white soldiers couldn’t hold their own in the work force, and were getting their egos a little hurt. Unlike you, we take no offense to coexisting with one another. We understand that for you to feel on top, you must always be shoving someone down. We understand that your country and your ancestors have taught you entitlement. We understand that your roots are anchored in exploitation. We understand that you were raised to think the color of skin equates to some type of worth. You are still going to wars and forcing yourselves into places you don’t belong because you cannot grasp that that concept should have been buried and dead along with the millions of Native Americans, Africans, Irish, and Hispanics you kidnapped, raped, and murdered.

The thing is, we don’t start fires or riots. We don’t loot or have parades. We don’t want to cause anymore harm than you already accuse us of creating. We get belittled and shamed. Why? Because we take up too much space. So we take to street corners with the oranges and avocados that you buy, and backs of work trucks on our way to construction sites so we don’t take up an extra seat. But no matter how small we try to make ourselves, for some reason we continue to get under your skin.

I apologize if anything of what I have said offended you, this was not my aim. But if I did, you most likely needed to be offended. See, I have spent my whole life watching myself and those around me being told we weren’t good enough, we weren’t smart enough, we weren’t American enough, we weren’t white enough, we weren’t enough. But I come from a culture that teaches silence, obedience, respect, and acceptance, which means there aren’t too many of us who are willing to take a stand on the mistreatment we daily face here in the land of conditionally free, home of the not so brave. We love this country, which is why we try so hard to be here. We do not take for granted the simple pleasures you daily overlook. I did not mean to step on any toes, but someone has to say something and it might as well be me.

The thing is, it’s not Cinco de Mayo Mexican American’s have an issue with.
Its the other 364 days of the year we cant stomach.

So I’m here to wish you a Happy Cinco de Mayo. I hope your poncho’s are on straight and your shot glasses are spilling over. Forgive us for not partaking in the festivities. This is not only a holiday we do not celebrate due to its lack of significance in our country, but we have to wake up early for work in the morning.

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