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We did not know.
We did not know that when Jesus was crucified on the cross and “It is finished” fell from his lips He was not referring to the beating of his heart.
We did not know as our hands drove the nails into His flesh, taking the life of our best friend, that God would love us enough to not make us live with the ache of knowing we put our Savior six feet under.

We did not know.

We did not know that three days later God’s grace would pour out onto us like the blood of his son poured onto our sins.
We did not know that the darkness of our hearts pinned the perfect sacrifice to that wood.
We did not know that we would not have to live in the darkness we created by taking away the light of the Son.

 He said, “I am the Resurrection,” but we did not know that that meant because He rose, we will rise. Because He lived, we will not search for life amongst death.

We roll away our stones, shuttering at the thought of seeing the damage we created, but all we will find is grace, upon grace, upon amazing grace.
In our selfish panic we forget the words Jesus told us to keep close to our hearts.
But today we are Joseph, and we remember.

We did not know that a man could be so selfless, and a God could love that much.

We take heart because He overcame the world; we take refuge because He paid the price. We now will know life, because He laid down His.

 As we watched our sins hang on three nails, we did not know that God was saying, “Look how much I love you.” We did not know that in all of our filth, God was washing us clean. We did not know that the Father and the Son agreed to break their own hearts so ours would never have to.

Today is a day of good news.

May we all be drenched in humility and thanksgiving,
For today is the day that marks our permission to rise and rise again.
Today is the day we thank God for his forgiveness,
For we know not what we do…
Lord, We did not know.


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