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There is only one creature in all of the universe who has mastered the balance of ruling with both an iron fist and a gentle touch.
From the beginning of time women were created to sustain life.
First there was God, and then there was a woman.
A fruitful, reproducing, recreating – woman.
Who was designed to forgive every time she was lashed out on.
She was made to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as spiritually healing.
She is the foundation of all man can create, yet takes no reward or recognition.
She had to first be in existence before any man could even be thought of.
Every minute of every day since the day she was created, she has fought for life.
With every passing season she sacrifices her labors for the common good.
And when she dare fluctuates in disposition man has the audacity to curse and blame her.
They forget the day she was made to be celebrated, yet never fail to broadcast their grievances against her.
Yet still…she loves.
She gives until there is nothing left and from the ash she creates more to offer.
From the belly of her being she is made of fire that burns for every body she looks after.
She knows no rest. While everyone else sleeps, she uses the stillness to mend what man destroyed, only to watch them tear it apart again with the rising of the sun.
Very few were taught how to love her.
She goes day after day being walked on by ignorance of men who never bothered to learn how to touch her, yet their hands are always dirty, covered in her atoms.
She has loved so deeply and desperately she gave man the illusion he was in power,
Hoping he would be in charge, yet knowing he could never.
While he abused his way to domination, he forgot that it is her parts he used to build his pedestal, because there is no other material in existence powerful enough to hold the weight of his ego.
In her softness and the waves of her body man forgot that the ocean is both used for baptism and drowning.
She took so much detail to be perfected that even God had to rest after he was done with her creation.
They chose the word Mother before Nature for a reason.


To every female who reads this, and even those that do not, today I praise you out loud. Today I praise myself. Today we should all praise one another for not only surviving, but for excelling. We have grown up in societies that told us quiet was better, softer was better, and that servant-hood was our purpose. We were taught by parents and grandparents that it wasn’t that we came last, it was just that our place was always in second. I praise you for now realizing that the race they created only had two contestants. To the women who were taught that submission was the equivalence of love, I praise you. Because your beating heart is proof that you’ve always known other wise. To the women who died anonymous because their voices were only loud enough to be a whisper in their time, we hear you. No matter how quiet your voices seamed, they are the echo to every one of our screams. To the girls who don’t know just yet what battles have come with being a female, I pray you never do. But if you should, know that never again will you be alone in your suffering and never again will we stand there and take it. To every woman, despite what they have taught us there is beauty in vulnerability but never once is there weakness. To every woman, who was told to cross her legs and close her mouth, to every woman who has ached alone so no one else would have to, to every woman who painted heart break with pinks and reds and lipstick stains, to every woman…I praise you.

Happy International Women’s Day.

2 thoughts on “For My Mother

  1. I am in awe at this and tilt my heart to you my friend and daughter in spirit. This is beyond beautiful, meaningful and hugely significant. Thank you for sharing your amazing soul.

  2. Jane,
    Thanks so much for sending this beautiful reflection, something between a meditation and a tone poem. It is powerful for me having had a wonderful mother, two magnificent daughters, three older sisters, a wife (for 25 years with whom I created and raised my daughters), and several wonderful significant others in my life since, including Beth, a kind and fine soul, who has shared life with me in both good times and when things were thin and thinner in all respects. And I must never forget my Aunt Dot (94) the only person from whom I have received — and still receive — unconditional love. Yes, it exists! It was lovely to hear from you, and I’m looking at a wonderful Green ’53 Ford pickup next to a Route 66 sign with an Arizona butte in the distance. I love that painting — along with “Arches” and the stone canyon that looks like the Hopi Trail in Bryce.
    I think of this meditation for Mother’s Day as a gift to my departed mom.
    I want to offer a poem in return — and wish you, your husband and family a wonderful Mother’s Day and a wonderful life.


    It will be the past
    and we’ll live there together.

    Not as it was to live
    but as it is remembered

    It will be the past
    We’ll all go back together.

    Everyone we ever loved,
    and lost, and must remember.

    It will be the past.
    And it will last forever.


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