The compass was said to be first created by the Chinese Han Dynasty in as early as 206 BC. Now primarily known for navigational purpose, the people of the Han Dynasty created the magnetically pulled arrow to aid them in their quest for harmony; feng shui, so to speak. The small “pointers” were given to the warriors who set off into the woods to look at for reference when they needed some direction on which way their heart was leading. The “pointers” would use the environments to harmonize and bring peace to their souls, and in effect guide them to where they were spiritually meant to be.
Fast forward.
Its 1492.
The compass was no longer being used for guidance, but purely direction.
Christopher Columbus’s compass, to be exact.
His compass did not point towards compassion.
It pointed West.
Lets get one thing straight.

Christopher Columbus was never looking for land.
He was on the hunt for gold when he accidentally landed in South America.
Columbus was a joke amongst his fellow explorers and royalty.
No one wanted to help his voyage & no one believed anything productive could come of him traveling.
They should’ve stuck with that hunch.
His voyage was not one of exploration but one of economic gain.
He didn’t discover that the world was not flat.
He didn’t even discover the land we currently live on.
He wasn’t the first explorer to set foot in the America’s.
He surely did not come up with the idea to find a new route to the East Indies.
However, he did find something of value.
Innocent people that offered friendship and kindness in place of the gold they never had.
But no, that wasn’t good enough for Mr. Columbus.
He couldn’t go back to Spain empty handed & look like the fool he was,
So instead of gold he brought back human slaves.
Can we make note though that, while he was on his third voyage,
His ships rotted for over a year and him and his men were stranded on the island.
No one from Spain cared to offer him a helping hand because they didn’t care about him or his voyage in the first place. So the native people of the islands took them in, fed them, offered them friendship, and rebuilt Columbus’s 3 ships.
How did Columbus repay them?
Chopping off their noses, fingers & ears & letting wild dogs eat them alive while they fought for their freedom.
He was quoted in a journal entry saying,
“These natives are so kind, we would be crazy not to enslave them!”
A real opportunist, he was.

For those of you who don’t know, these are the place Christopher Columbus “Found”:
-El Salvador
Though, giving Columbus credit for finding these places would be like giving the meteorite credit for finding the dinosaurs.
Both unintentional, both hypothetical, and both devastatingly destructive.
Heres what Columbus DID, however, bring to the world:
The African slave trade, The first known form of child sex slavery, multiple STD’s & other deathly diseases, economic exploitation of cultures around the world, the creation of the Aztec & Inca Empire conquistadors, & the Tobacco industry.

For something to be found, it must first be lost.
And all that was lost in Columbus’s voyage was the lives of over 100 million native peoples, along with their history, culture, and legacies.

Yet he shares a NATIONAL holiday along with Martin Luther King Jr. & Abraham Lincoln.
….This man has his own federal holiday.
America, we applaud you for wanting to stay rooted in tradition and history. We are not against patriotism; we are not against honoring those that got us to where we are today. Though we are flawed, we have made undeniable progress.
But some things must advance & adapt at the same pace our knowledge does.
At one point we were too naïve to understand what Columbus’s true impact on the world was.
But we, as a whole, have been educated.
We no longer live in the dark.
We are aware. We are present. And we are ashamed.

This not a holiday.
This is a disgrace.

Christopher Columbus may not have known how to use a moral compass,
But we stand united as a country saying,
We do.

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