It was recently announced in the news that Pluto was voted back in a “landslide” vote to join our solar system once again.

I cant help but believe that this decision was not made based off of scientific facts or proof.
We can argue the politics of it, we can argue the scientific principles of it, but I choose to believe that Pluto was given back its title because we, as a people, recognized it as an old friend.

Sometimes it doesnt matter what the facts say.
Sometimes logic doesn’t have to reign supreme.
Sometimes things just are, because we first choose love.
We banished our comrade out into the universe.
And i have a feeling even the scientists who dubbed the planet unworthy felt remorse and melancholy for sending our friend away.

In greek the word “planet” means “wanderer.”
In greek mythology Pluto is the god of the afterlife, who deals with all things dead and gone. He was said to once be a stern ruler in the physical world, though didnt receive an actual soul until he passed away into the afterlife.
Maybe Pluto had to wander away so we could find out just what its absence meant to us. Maybe Pluto had to die and come back to life, so it could finally own its significance.
Lets take this as a lesson. Let us not wait until something is gone and out of reach to appreciate it.
Because unlike graceful Pluto, most things do not return.

Pluto, thank you for coming back to us with open arms.
On behalf of all of us here on Earth, I can humbly say, we missed you,
And its an honor to have you back in our orbit.

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