We have all had that moment in our lives when the superhero of our world turned out to be nothing but I masked man disguising himself to be something better than who he truly was in reality. For some people its the icon of a holiday, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. To others it may have been the WWE wrestler they idolized who turned out to be nothing more than a bad actor running around in spandex.

At 12:01am eastern time this morning, my superhero took his mask off when congress shutdown.
We the people, have been shown that quarrels & bitterness stand in front of our well being. This goes far beyond a bill thats struggling to get passed, far beyond party vs. party. This was an attack. This was personal.

Selfish wants of not the Republicans and not the Democrats, and not Mr. Obama himself, but our government as a whole, has put our entire country in danger. Whether it be for an hour or for a month, our well being has been put aside. Our government has looked their country in the eye and told us, “We do not put you first.”

When you are born in a country that stands for freedom and unison, when you were raised to respect and honor the ground you walk on and those that help keep it intact, what do you say now?

Myself along with so many other individuals have stood by our government. And in right and wrong, and in good and bad, we have unshakenly stood proud and firm.
And in the first minutes of this morning, we were told that our fearless leaders did not do the same for us.

What party you represent, who you voted for on the last ballot, if you’re for Obamacare or not, no longer means what it used to. Because we have been shown that no matter what we feel, we are expendable.

And to all those of you who’s hearts didnt break, I urge you to ask yourselves why. And when you come up with a sufficient answer, I would then have you ask yourselves what role exactly do you play in your country? Because maybe our government is treating us expendable, because maybe thats the image we are portraying as a people.

No matter how dark a situation may be or how ineffective we feel, there is still right and wrong. There is still truth and there are still lies. And for so long I have convinced myself justice will prevail. But what happens when justice itself sits on the fence?

To all the congressman who never read this, to all the past, present, and future presidents, to the government as a whole…We take this personal.

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