“I cant see heaven but I credit hell – I live in New York so I know it well.” – John Brunner

Majority of the time in this city is being spent with eyes and heads looking towards the sky. Marveling at the lights and signs, hoping that if one stares enough, the shining letters and reflective windows will be injected into our veins. Making us become all we had hoped to be.

But the reality of this city is found when you look down. Or even straight ahead, as long as your vision is clear.
This city is a den for the hopeful and the hopeless. If your heart isnt yet broken, this city is sure to break it. From the few days and nights that I have been succumbed by this city, I have already realized and accepted that this city will eat us all alive. No one survives. Who you are isnt who you think you are once you enter New York City. And I have never experienced anything more romantic than that.

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